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Rail transport booked easily, quickly and cost-transparent – that’s what box2rail stands for!
Box2rail enables container booking “port to door” by rail in just a few clicks – safe, fast and environmentally friendly from the seaports directly to the final recipient in the hinterland and from the primary shipper to the seaports – you can choose between the German seaports as well as Rotterdam, Antwerp an Koper.
We bring your box quickly, reliably and environmentally friendly within Germany, Austria or Switzerland to its destination.
No matter if you have one container or several – with us every box counts!Rail transports have never been so easy – convince yourself, here is how.

A strong network

Box2rail benefits from the densest train network in the seaport hinterland traffic in Europe - the AlbatrosExpress Transfracht.
The nationwide network connects over 15,000 locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with the German seaports of Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Wilhelmshaven - and that 240 times a week.
The AlbatrosExpress stands for high frequencies, fixed timetables, short terms and comprehensive quality management.

Green Logistics

Did you know that a freight train produces about 80% less carbon dioxide than a truck? When it comes to green logistics, we are already setting a good example by relying on rail as the main mode of transport.
Because rail is the most environmentally friendly and safest means of transport. Every box that is shifted from road to rail means active environmental protection.
After all, Germany and Europe will only achieve their climate and environmental goals with a massive shift of traffic to the environmentally friendly railways and even more emission reductions.
Your box counts!

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